History 20

October 12, 1997
Dawn of the Dead’s helicopter pilot Barth Bartholomae and three passengers tragically die in the very same Bell Jet Ranger II used for the film two decades earlier, in a fatal crash caused by an engine failure during a flight over the northern region of West Virginia.

June 2, 1998
First U.S. television showing of Dawn of the Dead (125-minute theatrical cut), aired on cable channel “Cinemax”.

May 7, 2001
Veteran Romero associate and Dawn business manager Vince Survinski passes away aged 89.


September 30, 2002
Dawn set decorator and “biker chick” actress Barbara Lifsher passes away.

March 2003
After almost 24 years of being subject to censorship in Great Britain, Dawn of the Dead is finally passed uncut with an “18” certificate by the BBFC.